Package includes charging base, sensor, two sizes of socks (one each for left and right foot), user manual, adapter and power cables.

The smart sock uses proven and safe pulse oximetry technology to monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The sensor sends your child’s heart rate and oxygen level data to the base, which then forwards it to your phone app.

The smart sock and the base are connected via Bluetooth. A Wi-Fi connection is only needed if you want to track the data on your phone app. The primary notification system is the base station, so if the WiFi connection is interrupted or the phone turns off (or you don’t have it at all), the base station will still notify you if the monitored values deviate from the preset norm. While a WiFi connection is not necessarily required, it does contribute to a better user experience. The use of HotSpot is not recommended.

The Owlet Smart Sock 3 is suitable for most children up to 18 months (up to 13.5 kg). The Smart Sock 3 plus pack contains cloth socks that are suitable for children up to five years (up to 25 kg) and can also be purchased separately in an expansion kit.

Yes, I am! The Owlet Smart Sock has a low profile and fits under a regular sock. However, make sure that the smart sock is properly fitted and in direct contact with your baby’s foot so that it can work properly. Also check that the sock or onesie fitted over the Owlet Smart Sock is not too tight and the baby is comfortable enough.

Yes, a cloth sock should be washed regularly by hand or in the washing machine on the delicate cycle using a gentle detergent. Be sure to remove the sensor from the sock before washing. To maintain the Owlet Smart Sock’s ideal properties, we recommend washing the sock at least once a week or as needed. Then let it air dry. Do not put the sock in the dryer, this could lead to deformation and loss of shape. Children’s feet can sweat at night, creating a suitable environment for bacteria to form. Washing the sock regularly will keep your baby’s feet clean and healthy and prevent the possibility of skin irritation.

Owlet Smart Sock is available in 3 sizes. Our socks are designed to fit children up to 13.5kg. The classic pack contains socks in 2 sizes – for babies up to 3 months and babies up to 18 months. The Smart Sock plus pack contains an even larger size for toddlers up to 25kg, this can also be purchased separately in an expansion pack. The appropriate size for individual children may vary according to their specific foot shape and size. It is therefore important to test which size fits correctly so that the sock is not too tight or too loose.

Yes, our fabric socks come in a variety of colours such as mint green, dull pink or dark green. It is also possible to buy original designer socks in a wide range of colours.

Yes, we offer a standard two-year warranty. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, washing in an improper mode, or damage caused by pets.

The Owlet Smart Sock is a smart device that gives parents an overview of their baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, as well as a sense of calm whenever they put their baby to sleep. Owlet Smart Sock is not an FDA-approved medical device and is designed and intended for families with healthy infants. It does not serve as a substitute for safe sleep practices and measures.

Pulse oximetry has been used in US hospitals since 1987 and no long-term effects have been found. Pulse oximetry does not burn patients or cause other harm, and the degree of any risk has been completely minimized. If the device is used as recommended, it should not cause any harm to your child.

The sock is powered by a rechargeable button cell battery (similar to a wristwatch).The battery lasts 14-16 hours of operation when charged. A quick charge for 8 hours of operation takes only 20 minutes, the battery will charge to full in 90 minutes.

Yes, both parents have access to their child’s data in the app via their smartphones, and can see and hear it just the same. The app can be accessed from three smartphones simultaneously.

Yes, I am! The base station is the primary notification system for the Owlet Smart Sock. While you can’t monitor live readings, the base station is designed to alert you if your child’s heart rate or oxygen level falls outside of preset norms.

Yes, we offer the Owlet Cam video baby monitor! The camera features night vision, two-way audio, background audio, room temperature sensor, encrypted WiFi connection, 130 degree wide angle lens and more. The Cam works great on its own, but is also a great addition to the Owlet Smart Sock.

If the base does not receive valid readings from the sensor, for example due to a sock coming loose and falling off, it will alert you with a special type of alarm.

Each child will need their own separate and complete Smart Sock device. However, you can easily add multiple child profiles and Owlet devices in the app and keep everything clearly available and under control.

Owlet Smart Sock is not a medical device. It is not intended for use as a medical device or as a substitute for a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or medical condition, or as a substitute for professional examination or other medical treatment. The Owlet Smart Sock is intended for healthy children up to 18 months of age and the alert thresholds for the Owlet Smart Sock are not as strict as those for a medical monitor. This product is only intended to help you monitor your child’s well-being and not to replace you in the caregiver role. The responsibility for your child’s health and well-being as well as adherence to safe sleep, health and care guidelines remains with the parents.Owlet Smart Sock is not a diagnostic tool. It is not appropriate for use when your physician recommends the use of a hospital pulse oximeter or apnea monitor. It does not serve as a substitute for adult care; safe sleep guidelines for your child should be followed.

You may have encountered this technology in a doctor’s office. The pulse oximetry is in a little red clip that they put on your finger when you go to the hospital. A beam of light is passed across your skin and the amount of light transmitted to the sensor is used to measure your blood flow and oxygenation.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and WiFi 2.4 GHz. Smart Sock will not receive interfering signals from home alarms, cell phones or other electronics. The base station uses your WiFi connection to communicate with the cloud.

They can’t, the monitor isn’t on all the time and it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your phone on a regular basis. The radio waves generated by the device are more than 20 times lower than the mobile phones we carry in our pockets all day.

Owlet is compatible with devices running iOS 13 or later and Android 7.0 or higher.

The Owlet Smart Sock 3 sensor contains a small battery that will drain after a long period of time. If it is allowed to fully discharge, it may affect the sensor’s ability to recover its original properties. Here are 6 steps on how to properly store your Owlet Smart Sock:
1. Fully charge the sensor from the power base (make sure the power base is plugged in when charging the sensor).
2. Disconnect the sensor from the base.
3. Turn off the sensor immediately after disconnecting it from the base.
4. Disconnect the base.
5. Store the sensor and base in a cool, dry place.
6. Recharge the sensor every 6 months, again following steps 1-5.

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