About the brand Owlet

Owlet is an innovative brand that specializes in making smart devices for babies and young children. The company was founded in 2013 in Provo, Utah, USA. While caring for their baby, its founders Kurt Workman and Jordan Monroe suffered from concerns about his safety and the stress of constant nightly checks to make sure he was okay. So they decided to provide parents with a more restful sleep and create a product that allows them to keep track of their baby and make sure they always get the information they need at the right time.

This is how the first Owlet product was created – the Smart Sock. In 2015, the company introduced a second version that also tracked heart rate and blood oxygenation levels. Since then, using state-of-the-art technology, they have continually worked to improve the products to make them safe, reliable and easy to use.  New generations of smart socks have been developed and the product line has also been expanded to include smart cameras for sleep monitoring and measuring room temperature and humidity.

Thanks to constant innovation, Owlet has become one of the most prominent brands in newborn and infant care and has earned many awards. It has monitored more than 4.2 billion baby heartbeats and that number is still growing. Already, over a million parents have put their trust in Owlet – plus 94% of them have confirmed that it allows them to sleep more soundly and 96% feel less stress. Parents’ satisfaction with Owlet products thus speaks for them and gives the company the motivation to continue its efforts. 

He currently works in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We are delighted to become an official distribution partner and help parents in these countries to maintain peace of mind and quality sleep with Owlet:

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